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current project 2

Tuesday, May 04, 2010
so, here is another personal project I'm working on.
for those who don't know much about Computer Graphics, this is a "digital sculpture" created with a software called zbrush. with this tool, you can create 3D sculpture in your computer by using pen tablet. once you've learned how to use it (and it's not so difficult as you think), you can "sculpt" whatever you want VERY easily as if you paint with a brush... I only spent 3 days on this head.

please allow me to have a little abstract nerdy talk here to explain this project.
since I started dealing with Computer Graphics, I've been thinking more about "reality". this "digital sculpture" looks "real", I can rotate and move it in my computer. but this is actually a set of data consisted of numbers, which is completely different type of existence than what we used to think as a sculpture. it just LOOKS LIKE a sculpture in its appearance.
this makes the definition of sculpture ambiguous. what is the ESSENCE of sculpture?
this is almost the argument of digital/analog issue, which has been discussed for long time.
when I make this "digital sculpture" with zbrush, I'm not making an actual sculpture, but I'm making a "structure" of sculpture - construction of data(numbers). but with this user friendly interface using pen tablet, I see the object in the screen as if I am physically making something almost concrete, individual and solid, but not quite so - my hands can't quite feel it. there is some strange feeling beneath this "sculpting" procedure, and I sort of need to expand my perception to get used to it.
we can see the similar architecture everywhere these days. the good example is the game Wii. we play "sports" half virtually half physically with this game program, looking at TV screen, picturing virtual play field in our minds, and actually using our physical body.
seems like our world is more and more complex - physical and virtual reality are mixed up naturally in our daily experiences. our brains have to accept reality in various shapes and integrate them into one world.
I'm interested in this transformation of our perception of "reality" and how it affects our lives and minds in this postmodern time, and how it changes our future. this project will be one of my experiments to look into this theme in the art field.
....does this make sense? does it sound nerdy?
even though, I will try to create something entertaining with this material.
I'm still playing with this thought - would be glad if you could share your thoughts.
and I don't think I did explain well enough here with my poor vocabulary, so I'll keep posting this subject to describe more.
thanks for reading!